Travelling to Las Vegas, huge!

You want to miss one of the modern wonders ? The park is one of the newest additions to Sin City, this $100 million urban oasis between the New York-New York and Park MGM (the soon-to-be-renamed Monte Carlo) hotels stretches from Las Vegas Boulevard back to T-Mobile Arena.Along the way, brick walkways wind past the Las Vegas outpost of Shake Shack and other open-air restaurants, a walk-through water feature that evokes parting the Red Sea and “Bliss Dance,” a 40-foot-tall statue of a dancing woman. The area is hopping before home games for the NHL’s Golden Knights, the first pro sports team in Vegas history. Read more about Travelling to Las Vegas, huge!

Travel to Norway , what can you see ?

For us, the top attraction in Norway is the North Cape. A quarter of a million tourists visit the North Cape each summer, making it one of Norway’s most popular sights. The North Cape is a monumental, natural experience offering breathtaking views, unusual climatic conditions, the dramatic cliff itself…and one is standing at Europe’s northern end. You’ll find the North Cape in the region of Finnmark. Read more about Travel to Norway , what can you see ?

Private Italian vacation rentals

Let’s see few of Italy’s tourist attractions If March is a good time to think about touring Sicily, April, when the sun is getting higher and the days are pleasantly warm, is perfect for a weekend break to this wonderful Sicilian hilltop resort. Famous for its panoramic views of the sea and Mount Etna from the ruined Roman theatre, it is also some to some of Sicily’s best hotels and restaurants. DH Lawrence came here in the Twenties and loved it – it is just as seductive a century later.

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