Galapagos travel attractions and islands tours

Searching for info about galapagos attractions and top destinations selection? An attraction that combines fun and education, the Interpretation Center of San Cristobal aims to introduce visitors to the rich history of the islands. The center was put together by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development, the Galapagos National Park management, and the Charles Darwin Foundation. Visitors exploring the center will learn many fascinating pieces of information about the island’s history. For example, the Natural History Room goes into an in-depth exhibit of the volcanic origin of the islands. There are other rooms dedicated to the island’s colonization, flora and fauna species, and conservation of the land.

Among most islands of Galapagos, Genovesa Island is famous for housing a wide variety of birds that include red footed boobies, doves, Darwin finches, frigatebirds, lava gulls, storm petrels, and many other attractive birds. Don’t miss observing the wonderful, rare birdlife of this region. Also, this island is a great site for snorkeling along the sides of cliffs. Prince Philip’s Steps is fantastic site for bird watching. See extra details on Galapagos Last Minute Availability.

Be prepared to share the beach with the local residents of the Galapagos, the beach-loving wildlife. From sea lions and sea turtles to eagle rays, the creatures on the islands are mostly happy to share their beautiful white sandy beaches with you, as long as you respect them. If you are a keen surfer then you can also surf on some of the beaches, such as Galapagos Beach, but make sure you check the beach’s regulations before you hire or buy a board. Be aware the ground under the water can be a little rocky (so bring water shoes) and the water can be cold!

Maki is the Quechua word for any work or art that was made by hand, and the Maki-Art Gallery showcases pieces that have been lovingly created in that fashion. The gallery finds handcrafted works from all over the country and allows visitors to appreciate the detail and passion the artists put into each piece. Pieces include tapestries, macrame jewelry, metal and wood sculptures, decorative art tiles, recycled glass art, masks, gourd art, pottery, and embroideries. Each of the pieces reflects the design and colors of the land itself. Celebrate the art, life, and tradition of the Galapagos Islands with a beautiful piece from Maki-Art Gallery.

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