Hotel bookings and 5 top attractions you must see

Searching for hot new travel destinations ? Here are my top 5 travel places to see : One of the city’s most iconic streets, Orchard Road is the epicentre of shopping in Singapore and is similar to London’s Oxford Street or Hong Kong’s Nathan Road. Flanked on both sides by local and international department stores, […]

How to join the biggest independent travel agent network

Do you think at becoming an independent travel agent? There is cash to be made but also many other benefits. And, most important thing, the entry barrier in the travel agents world can be easily overcomed with the assistance from the right tools, in this case i’m talking about specialized independent travel agents platforms like […]

You must see South Korea at least once and the incredible korean massage

Korea top destinations selection and the incredible korean massage, i think i got your attention already! First let’s start looking at some famous South Korea attractions and a couple of words about the korean massage, something that any traveler to Korea should not miss! Namiseom Island, part of the larger Gapyeong county, is blanketed in […]

Latest tourist attraction Singapore – Scent-OSA perfume workshop

If you go to Singapore you may want to check this incredible new tourist activity in Singapore. This is a perfect place for honeymooners travelers but also for all tourists to get a personalized fragrance based on their personality. Not very often we write something truly innovative in the travel industry. The Scent-OSA studio offers […]

Top places to see in Majorca

Mallorca is an amazing island, close to Spain, with beautiful weather, stunning landscape and delicious food. The biggest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca is part of Spain but has a extra mountain landscape and otherworldly life quality. Majorca attractions, the topic of the day. Along a stunning coastline of serene turquoise waters, the Cala Figuera […]

An awesome country : Myanmar and the famous exotism

Myanmar is an incredible travel destination, there is such an abundance of color, exotic places and interesting attractions. Few people have heard about Myanmar, some only know it as Burma, the old name, and most people have the same reaction when they hear something like this from northern Thailand’s neighbors: “Myanmar, is this even a […]