Victoria Falls top attractions

Looking for cool new travel places ? Victoria Falls may be the place you are thinking about. Once you’ve had enough on throwing yourself at, in and around Victoria Falls, why not take a flight above it – in an open air propeller powered giant kite?! It actually feels like you are flying. The wind is real, the height is real – the view is incredible. If you have already flown in a helicopter – this is the closest you can get to flying without putting on a wing suit! And if you haven’t flown in a helicopter…

Considered the least scary of all the highwire things to do at Victoria Falls, the Flying Fox still looks adrenaline-inducing to me! With this one, you’re essentially clipped into a harness that extends vertically across the gorge of the Zambezi meaning you can glide horizontally through the air above it! But this is some 125m above the valley floor you’re gliding and, moving by way of a pulley, gives the sensation you’re flying! The Shearwater Victoria Falls operation also run a flying fox-type activity off the Zim-Zam bridge (where the bungee-jumping is) but here they call it a bridge slide! See more details on Book Victoria Falls Activities.

Other waterfalls are higher (Angel Falls), wider (Iguazu Falls), and even more famous (Niagara), but Victoria Falls is the largest single curtain of cascading water on earth. The falls form part of the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe in south-central Africa and are their premier tourist attraction.

Bungee Jumping at Victoria Falls: Top of the Victoria Falls adventure activity list: bungee from Victoria Falls Bridge. Then freefall 111m, with Vic Falls nearby in the background. If anything is going to kick-start your adrenalin then it’s this bungee jump, one of the highest in the world! About 50 000 people safely jump off Vic Falls bridge every year. The safety record is 99.9% with one non-fatal accident in 2012. Bridge Swing off Victoria Falls Bridge: For a similar mega-rush to the bungee jump, but facing the right way up and secured in a harness, try the Bridge Swing. Then there’s the tandem bungee swing (bridge swing) into the gorge for double the fun. Discover extra info on

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