Classic cork traction pads for the perfect surfing holiday fun

Searching for the top quality retro cork traction pads for a fabulous surfing session? We will see some cork traction pads with the focus on what we think are the best ones, the Shaka Surf pads and fins.

Where to surf? This might not an obvious choice but for those on the continent, this one can be special. Cornwall is known for its unspoiled coastline and wild rugged scenery. For fantastic breaks try the well-known surf post-Bude. Further north you’ll find reefs and point breaks and experienced surfers will like Barrets Zawn. Those looking for some action should try the Box or Rusey beach-Pengold. Further west, Newquay is the popular surf town and you’ll find more surfing spots in northern Cornwell. Water temperatures range from 9 °C to 17 °C throughout the year. Cornwell is a laid back surfing destination in the quiet sense of the word. You won’t feel like you are in a surfing mecca but will know you’ve discovered a gem.

Punt Surf Ripper Traction Pad: If you want to have a durable and versatile traction pad which offers a money-back guarantee for their products, the Punt Surf Ripper Traction Pad is the product you might have been looking for all your life. This three-piece traction pad does not only work for one specific type of skateboard, but it fits any surfboard and skimboard. This makes your fun surfing experience more possible with its diamond grooved performance EVA foam. ! Power through those cuts and turns with this lightweight pad made just for you. With its sturdy grip, plus the premium 3M adhesive used direct from the marine-grade and the source, this high-quality traction pad has a 10mm center arch and a 25mm kick tail.

Our cork traction pads pick: 100% Cork Agglomerate offering superior traction for critical high performance surfing. We’re in love these sustainable traction pads: natural, renewable and recyclable they get the Shaka Surf stamp of approval. This retro cork pad comes in three pieces and so placement can be adjusted easily. Size: 30 x 30.5cm Material: Cork agglomerate. Discover extra details at

For the longboard surfers out there, the BPS center fin may be the best you can have for your longboard. It’s one of the easiest ones to install and remove from your board. Like the SBS surf fin, it comes with a free no tool fin screw and also a wax comb. The BPS fin can fit US and Universal style fin boxes. Once you have it on your longboard, you’ll be able to glide and nosedive the waves easily. It works well for both the knee-high waves and the over-head waves. With its fiberglass nylon design, the BPS center fin not only makes your longboard perform well but also look good in the process.

A very good eco friendly surf fin is the one from Shaka Surf. As well as recycling waste materials and plastics to make our recycled fins we wanted to create a standout design. So we enlisted the help of a street artist to come up with a unique aesthetic. This lead to the development of the Swell lines, paying homage to surfing culture and oceanography. To help our oceans and reduce the amount of plastics that end up washed up on our beaches in Europe and further afield. To use this waste and repurpose it into something that has great utility: a surfboard fin. Find additional details on Shaka Surf.

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