Unisex sun sleeves for holidays by Eclipse

Travel accessories and unisex sun sleeves for holidays? All Food EXCEPT my food for the current day – Food for the current day is packed in an easy to access side pocket so I don’t have to unpack my bag to access it. Bear Container Food Storage ( Optional ): Check the area you’re hiking […]

Slovenia and Croatia travel attractions and the region weather

5 top attractions in Croatia and Slovenia and the local weather? Spreading over an area of some 320 square kilometers-it’s 35 kilometers long and 13 kilometers wide-the Kornati archipelago encompasses 89 scattered islets, big and small. Rocky and arid with little fertile soil, the islets are practically uninhabited, though there are some very basic stone […]

Top destinations in Europe and the best auto rental companies

What can you see in Europe? One of the city’s illest-kept secrets, La Petite Ceinture is a sort of pedestrian equivalent to the boulevard peripherique. What is it? Basically, an out-of-use railway that girdles Paris like, well, a little belt – hence the name. The track has been in disrepair since the last train made […]