Cancun, Mexico travel attractions and best plane tickets

Top destinations in Cancun, Mexico and best airline tickets? If you’ve room in your Mexico itinerary for another interesting archaeological site, just a few minutes away from the Punta Nizuc end of Cancún are a number of interesting Mayan ruins known as El Rey. Named after a mask found here that was believed to be […]

San Blas islands tours and Panama City bike tours with

San Blas day tours and Panama Cruise with Taotravel365? There is no shortage of adventure in the San Blas Islands. Exploration opportunities include sailing from island to island and fishing and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters. You can also opt to kayak and paddle board the open waters, and you can even reach other […]

Top destinations in Xian

What can you see in Xian and China? Big Goose Pagoda Big Wild Goose Pagoda is located inside Daci’en Temple, a holy place in the middle of a vibrant and modern growing city of Xian. It is a good place to learn about the influence of China’s Buddhism and culture. It is an active Buddhist […]

Top destinations in Dakar and air flights connections

Dakar travel locations to visit and air flights connections? Dakar has been a major trading post for centuries and that mercantile nature has certainly left its mark. Now, there are markets of all shapes and sizes across the city, selling everything from hibiscus and baobab trees, to football shirts and sandals. However, a few specialist […]

Affordable travel and compare hundreds of travel sites

Top travel destinations selection and search cheap flights? Built in 1540 on land given to the Dominican Friar Vicente Valverde by Francisco Pizarro, the church and monastery of Santo Domingo is one of the oldest and most historic in Lima. Here, you will find the relics of Saint Rose of Lima; San Juan Masias; and […]

Senegal travel locations to visit and the best airlines to get there

Top places to see in Dakar, Senegal and the best airlines to get there? Senegal, and Dakar in particular, is well-known for its religious tolerance, with the majority Muslim and minority Catholic populations living in perfect harmony. As such, Dakar has a rich tapestry of stunning mosques and churches, such as the imposing 3,000 capacity […]

Top destinations in the world and luxury tours

Top destinations in the world with hotel bookings from Situated in the lowland rainforest of northern Guatemala, Tikal is one of the top tourist attractions in Guatemala due to its beauty and ancient wonders. The name Tikal translates as “Place of Voices” (sometimes, “Place of Tongues”) and once boasted a bustling population of a […]

Top yacht sailing locations in the world

Searching for the top yachting places in Europe? Plan long term. Most of the world’s charter destinations are in the process of opening. We recommend planning your next charter now for Thanksgiving, Christmas 2020, Spring Break 2021, or Summer 2021. We are in contact with all of the yacht owners and they will be happy […]

Slovenia and Croatia travel attractions and the region weather

5 top attractions in Croatia and Slovenia and the local weather? Spreading over an area of some 320 square kilometers-it’s 35 kilometers long and 13 kilometers wide-the Kornati archipelago encompasses 89 scattered islets, big and small. Rocky and arid with little fertile soil, the islets are practically uninhabited, though there are some very basic stone […]

Adventure travel day tours in San Blas and summer 2020 offers

Adventure travel in San Blas, tours and summer 2020 packages! Your San Blas adventure starts early in the morning. A friendly driver will meet you at your Panama City lodging between 5:15am and 5:45am and safely transport you and up to five other guests to the Port of Carti. Relax and start enjoying during the […]