Holidays abroad and top places to see all around the world for dutch travelers

Top places to see all around the world: Also called Plaza Mayor, this broad square is the historical center of Lima and the most logical starting point for sightseeing. Most of the buildings from the original city were lost in the earthquake of 1746 – the only original structure standing in Lima’s Plaza de Armas […]

Kalymnos trips

Kalymnos attractions and villa rentals: Sports enthusiasts and outdoor activities will find Kalymnos a very interesting travel location, this days it has become very popular for people who enjoy rock climbing, water sports, trekking, and scuba diving – the island is one that offers amazing experiences and thrills. Other places of interest on Kalymnos include […]

Guatemala attractions and festival tours

You must see Guatemala at least once and festival tours: Guatemala is undoubtedly one of the outstanding countries for vacationing in Central America, a multicolored destination where living culture, Mayan history, nature, colonial cities, and its culinary syncretism position it as the best of the region. Major Festivals in Guatemala : Palo Volador. Performers test […]

5 top attractions in Lima with places to rent

Top travel locations to visit in Magdalena del Mar, Lima: The Magic Water Tour was opened in the Park of the Reserve in 2007, and within a year counted two million visitors. It holds the record for the largest fountain complex in the world, with 13 separate fountains. The largest, the Fuente Magica, shoots a […]

San Blas tours and winter 2020 offers

Adventure travel surfing in San Blas and winter 2019 packages! San Blas adventure travel locations are a fabulous thing to do right now. Can you take your luggage to San Blas? Nope! You need to leave your luggage behind in Panama City an pack a day-bag for San Blas. If you are in these small […]

Yacht sailing destinations and boat sailing recommendations

Looking for the top yachting destinations in Europe? Cruising around the sparkling waters of Europe is one of the best ways that anyone could spend a holiday. We all dream about stopping on charming islands, exploring new port towns, cruising the beautiful waters, and living the dreamy yachting lifestyle. If you are planning on booking […]

Hurghada diving school in german

First we will discuss about best diving places in the world, benefits of diving in Hurghada and finishing with the presentation of Tauchkurs Hurghada , a diving school that is suited for everyone but especially the german speaking visitors. For Divers of All Levels – Egypt. Egypt offers exceptional diving for both beginners and more […]

Musandam trip offers

An awesome place : Musandam: There are two types of dolphin that visit the Musandam waters; the Humpback dolphins (Sousa Chinensis), and the Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops Aduncus). Visitors can go watch the dolphins through a boat ride, or sail around them in a traditional Omani Dhow. Musandam is beautiful and has many scenic locations that […]

Victoria Falls top attractions

Looking for cool new travel places ? Victoria Falls may be the place you are thinking about. Once you’ve had enough on throwing yourself at, in and around Victoria Falls, why not take a flight above it – in an open air propeller powered giant kite?! It actually feels like you are flying. The wind […]

You must see Morocco at least once

Top places to see in Morocco and the famous sweeping desert. Morocco’s most charming seaside town is laid-back Essaouira, an old hippie haunt of the 1970s that has lost none of its authenticity. The colorful fishing boats bobbing on the water, stately old shore-side fort walls, and twisty lanes of the old town make Essaouira […]